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Ram Jam Worsted in Quink

Ram Jam Worsted in Quink

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From Julia Billings of Woollenflower, a batch of indigo-dyed Ram Jam Worsted in an inky-blue colour we call Quink.

Working from several organic indigo vats, over-dyeing Ram Jam Worsted in shade 2 Mid Grey, Jules has created two shades of the most magical blues which are referred to as New and Washed. New is the deepest saturated indigo and Washed a faded blue which allows more of the natural grey yarn base to peek through - see drop down menu for images.

Quink is dyed in batches of 10 x 50g skeins. There is variation between skeins and batches so we recommend you alternate skeins when working. For multiple-skein orders we do our very best to match skeins as closely as possible.

About Indigo Dye
Unlike other dyes, indigo does not permanently bond to fibres but instead coats them; this means that, over time, any loosely-attached particles of indigo are rubbed off with wear. This process is called crocking and is why our indigo-dyed jeans fade with use. All skeins have been carefully dyed and rinsed to minimise crocking, however you may find that some colour rubs off on your fingers as you work with them; this is a natural part of the process and will diminish after washing and wearing your finished project. To be safe, avoid wearing pale colours under newly-finished projects dyed with indigo and, if combining light and dark shades in the same project, wash all skeins before knitting to avoid any transfer of colour.

About Ram Jam Worsted 
Sourced, scoured and spun in Yorkshire, Ram Jam Worsted uses a whole variety of different fleeces that would otherwise have gone to waste. Each 50g skein yields 115 metres / 126 yards and is woollen spun for a lofty yarn that knits at 18 stitches over 10cm / 4 inches on a 4.5mm needle, however it will happily work to a firmer or slightly loser gauge. It's great for light but incredibly warm sweaters and jackets, or hats and mittens, and it's toothy character makes it a superb choice for stranded knits.

Ram Jam encompasses everything Daughter of a Shepherd set out to do and be; that of wanting to put value into something otherwise considered worthless.

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