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Dogs for Good Charity Fundraiser

Launching in September 2019, Daughter of a Shepherd will be running a 12 month fundraiser for a charity local to us here in Banbury, Oxfordshire, the brilliant Dogs for Good.

As the daughter of a shepherd I (Rachel) was brought up with working dogs and understand and appreciate how priceless they are as co-workers - so many shepherds simply couldn't do their job without their dog. Since DeeDee the Parsons Russell Terrier came into our lives we have become increasingly aware of the immense benefits this little dog and her huge character have brought into our lives. Not only does she take us out and about for daily walks and exercise, she introduces us to people, and makes both us and them laugh with her shenanigans! She really is a joy to have around and a true companion in every sense of the word. 

Dogs for Good train assistance dogs to support both children and adults with a range of physical and learning disabilities and challenges including autism, dementia, Special Educational Needs, and other individual needs to help build confidence through work in group situations and one-to-one. The work they do is amazing and I encourage you to hop over to their website, have a read through and watch some of their videos.

Training a dog is very costly and over the next year a percentage of various products sold by Daughter of a Shepherd will be put into a fund to be donated to Dogs for Good in September 2020. We are aiming to raise £1000 to become a Puppy Partner which would mean we all then follow a puppy through its first year of training. Donations will be added to the Just Giving page where you can also make a one-off donation if preferred, and check-in to see how close to our target we are.

Each product that includes a donation amount will be clearly labelled. If for any reason you prefer that your money is not donated to Dogs for Good please let us know by using the note box at checkout.

Thank you so much your support.