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Woollenflower Ram Jam Worsted in Quink


I am so thrilled to welcome Julia Billings of Woollenflower as our latest guest dyer. Working with Ram Jam Worsted, Jules has created an intense colour using natural indigo to give a complex multi-tonal shade which almost glows. The name 'Quink' refers to the traditional writers ink which this breathtaking yarn so closely resembles. 

Quink is dyed in limited edition small batches and because there is variation between batches we recommend for larger projects that you alternate skeins. For multiple-skein orders we will do our very best to match skeins as closely as possible.

Unlike other dyes, indigo does not permanently bond to fibres but instead coats them; this means that, over time, any loosely-attached particles of indigo are rubbed off with wear. This process is called crocking and is why our indigo-dyed jeans fade with use. All skeins have been carefully dyed and rinsed to minimise crocking, however you may find that some colour rubs off on your fingers as you work with them; this is a natural part of the process and will diminish after washing and wearing your finished project. To be safe, avoid wearing pale colours under newly-finished projects dyed with indigo and, if combining light and dark shades in the same project, wash all skeins before knitting to avoid any transfer of colour.

Ram Jam is woollen spun as a 2ply yarn to a worsted weight with 115 metres (126 yards) on each 50g skein. It is light and bouncy to handle, with good stitch definition, a soft halo and lots of character.

Being a worsted weight means the yarn is suited to working across a various range of tensions, and is just as happy on a 4mm needle as a 5mm. We suggest a tension of 18 stitches to 10cm (4") using a 4.5mm (US 7 / UK 7) needle but please do swatch and play with it; have fun seeing the different fabrics you can create by simply varying needle sizes.

Ram Jam encompasses everything Daughter of a Shepherd set out to do and be; that of wanting to put value into something otherwise considered worthless.

All the raw fleece that goes into Ram Jam is gathered from flocks where it would otherwise have gone to waste and we are therefore utilising both black and white wool. You will find a plethora of different sheep breeds in the yarn; the natural blacks include Hebridean, Zwartbles and black Texel and the white comes from a mixture of BFL/Cheviot cross, Texel cross, various other mule crosses and we have even added fleece from the naturally black and white coloured Badgerface sheep.

You can see the full range of natural shades in a separate listing.

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