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SALE Emperors, Admirals & Chimney Sweepers by Peter Marren

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Fault to corner of page 261 which does not affect the printed text - discounted by 30%

“This book is a delight, a gentle, witty and erudite exploration of lepidoptera.” John Wright, Country Life

The first ever comprehensive book about the naming of British butterflies and moths. This beautiful book, written by naturalist Peter Marren with wonderful wit and insight, takes you on a journey back to a time before the arts and science were divided. When entomologists were also poets and painters, and when a gift for vivid language went hand-in-hand with a deep pre-Darwinian fascination for the emerging natural world.

Illustrated throughout in colour and monochrome, Emperors, Admirals & Chimney Sweepers is two books in one; the first half will take you through the decades learning how entomologists named butterflies and moths, while the second part is an A-Z of the names themselves. 

It truly is an utterly charming, fascinating and accessible book about the naming of butterflies and moths. I honestly can't praise it enough!

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