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Trees Be Company - An Anthology of Poetry


Half of the ancient woodlands present in 1945 have been destroyed, replanted with conifers or cleared for cereal production, roads and building development. The intention of this book is to present evidence of our deep cultural need for trees and woods and to inspire people to take care of them.

Trees, and indeed woods, know no distinction between town and country; they are close to everyone. If we are to combat local pollution, make even the slightest impact on global warming, enjoy our surroundings and share them with many other creatures, we need trees: trees here and trees now. If we are to nourish more than our prosaic needs we need their longevity, their beauty, their generosity. Trees stand for nature and culture. We shall stand or fall with them.

Edited by Angela King and Susan Clifford for Common Ground, and a foreword by John Fowles, this anthology includes over 170 poems; well known works by Blake, Tennyson and Wordsworth as well as less familiar ones from 20th century poets Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Denise Levertov, Andrew Motion, Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder.

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