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Through the Woods by H.E. Bates

Through the Woods by H.E. Bates


First published in 1936, Through the Woods tells the tale of year in the life of an English woodland, from April to April.

H.E. Bates, carried a woodland in his imagination. He fell under its spell as a boy growing up in the Midlands, becoming increasingly enchanted each time he stepped below the wooded canopy. Memory magnified its mystery over the years, enriching his stories as he grew successful as a writer. But why did this place become a part of him? What are the qualities of all woodlands that make them so special?

Set in Kent, where he later settled with his family, Bates returns to those trees of his youth to breath life into the changing character of a single woodland year, revealing how precious they are to the English countryside not only for plants and animals, but also for people.

From the author of The Darling Buds of May and Fair Stood the Wind for France, Through the Woods is a love song to the English woodland and all the magic therein. The book features engravings by Agnes Miller Parker and an introduction by Laura Beatty.

We were lucky to grow up next to a bluebell wood in North Yorkshire and spent many, many hours walking the dogs, hanging out with friends and even camping under the leafy canopy. Woodlands are very much embedded in my childhood and my being, and I am delighted to be able to share that with you through the eyes of this wonderful writer and truly magical book.

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