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The Colours of Nature by G-uld of Denmark

The Colours of Nature by G-uld of Denmark


From the renowned Danish natural dye house, G-uld, a DIY book about natural dyeing in a contemporary context in Scandinavian cultural history with beautiful photography throughout.

Originally published as En Farverig Verden (2015), The Colours of Nature is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to getting started with natural dyeing, introducing and giving an overview of colours, plants, fibres and tools along with basic recipes for lasting colours.

The book is based on G-uld's personal experiences with natural dyeing and how to achieve a good result with a primary focus on dyeing wool but with brief introductions to other fibres and woven fabrics.

Some knowledge of the basics will serve you well when you start out, and it therefore includes a beginner’s guide on collecting plants, how to interact with nature and how to recognise the plants that give the best, most beautiful colours.


  • A short history of natural dyeing with plants in Nordic culture.
  • A beginner’s guide on how to get started with natural dyeing and collecting plants in nature.
  • An overview of colours and fibres suitable for natural dyeing.
  • Recipes for dyeing with fresh and dried plant material.
  • An overview of plant materials to collect in Nordic nature and which to buy such as madder root, cochineal and indigo.
  • A guide to preparing yarn and fabric for dyeing that lasts.
  • A guide to tools used in the various processes dyeing.
  •  8 recipes covering mordanting, dyeing with fresh and dried plants as well as historic dyes such as indigo, madder root and cochineal.

160 pages

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