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Stag Antler Buttons


Traditional buttons made from the antler of Scottish red deer at the last remaining horn works in Great Britain. 

Graded in six sizes from 14mm through to 29mm diameter, no two buttons have the same patterning and and while antler is most commonly dark brown in colour they range from light brown through to creamy white and the shade/s you receive will vary slightly from those pictured. Antler often has a highly textured surface but the back of each button is a smooth flat surface (shown in the final image) so perfect for knitwear and use with our Hebridean Tweed Cloth.

As part of the stags natural life cycle antlers start growing in the spring and are usually shed at the end of winter, before new growth starts again the next spring. It is thought the colouring of antlers depends on diet and climate. Our supplier sources the raw material as a natural by-product of the Scottish deer farming industry and makes all items in their North of England workshop.

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