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The Wisdom of Sheep & Other Animals by Rosamund Young

The Wisdom of Sheep & Other Animals by Rosamund Young


We talk about people behaving like sheep, which assumes that sheep all behave in the same way. That has not been my experience.

Some are affectionate, others prone to head-butting. Some are determinedly self-sufficient, others seek our help when they need it. And some can be trusted to lead the flock home. They are as individual as we are.

Farm animals are familiar to us from childhood stories, but little did we know that their inner lives are full of complexity, deep bonds and family dramas. Rosamund Young has been an organic farmer for over forty years and this is her record of a life at the beck and call of the animals while observing and preserving the abundant wildlife at Kite's Nest Farm. It is a story of joy, discovery, cooperation and sometimes heartbreak. We learn about sheep growing old disgracefully, the intelligence of supposedly 'bird-brained' hens, 'conversations' between cows and why you should never send a text whilst milking . . .

Rosamund Young is the bestselling author of The Secret Life of Cows, which was named a Times book of the year. Kite's Nest Farm on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment, where nature is left to itself as much as possible and the animals receive exceptional kindness and consideration, has been run by Rosamund, her partner Gareth, and her brother Richard, until his recent untimely death. The farm produces beef and lamb from 100% organic, grass-fed animals which are sold in the farm shop.

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