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It's been a long time, but having spent an hour or so looking through photographs snapped on my wanderings this past month, I decided a new blog post is way overdue.

There's so much to tell you all, and yet I figure I may as well just pick up and carry on as though nothing has changed and fill you in on all the events as and when they crop up in my musings.

A little over a year ago we moved to a small village just north of Oxford, and shortly after DeeDee the Parsons Russell Terrier came to live with us. She's quite the character, brings us much laughter and keeps us busy everyday. Our daily walks have meant exploring the local countryside and it's been wonderful watching the landscape slowly change with the seasons, seeing the flora and fauna sleep and wake up as the weather shifts, and learning the names and habits of flowers and birds we spot when out and about - there's so much I'm in a bit of a whirl!

April was utterly miserable with never-ending rain that brought a lot of problems for farmers, particularly those in the middle of lambing, but May has been magnificent and the amazing sunshine has brought everything to life. 

All the photographs in this post were taken on my phone and I haven't tinkered with any of the colours so some might be a little bit 'off'. See how many flowers, plants and trees you can identify, and if you have recommendations for a really good, pocket-sized spotters guidebook worth purchasing I'd love to hear from you.

It feels good to be back!

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