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Hebridean Lace


Yarn details:

100% Hebridean, pure undyed wool
Lace weight
606 metres per 100g skein (663 yards per 3½ ounce skein)
Cool hand wash only — lay flat to dry naturally
Sourced, scoured and spun in the UK

The second yarn release from our range, Seventy-Two which celebrates the amazing variety of British sheep breeds. Gathered during summer 2017 from a flock employed for conservation grazing at a wildlife reserve in Nottinghamshire, the fibre has been woollen spun to a single ply lace weight at a traditional, family-owned mill in Yorkshire.

It is the colour of the bitterest bittersweet chocolate - a deep dark pitch brown - as close to black as I have ever seen, and is shot through with natural silver fibres which give it light and movement. The handle is crunchy, but once blocked the fabric becomes light, airy and softer, while still retaining it's shape making it perfect for lace knitting and open crochet work.

This is currently a one-off, limited edition release and will be on our shelves for as long as we have stock.

Due to the flexibility of the yarn to work within a vast range of tension (gauge) measurements, we have left this information blank. As with all lace weight yarns, you can use a smaller needle or hook to produce a tight fabric, or work with a larger tool for more open stitches and a lacier finish.

Please note: The yarn is slightly thick and thin in places. I chose to continue working with it where the thread became thinner, but you may prefer to cut it and hold two strands together as you rejoin to make it stronger in the finished garment. Being a 100% wool yarn it will also happily wet splice if you prefer.

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